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   Just as I was starting on this week's project, Bethany stopped by. Having just completed law school, she is now busy in the process of moving. It was fun to see her. She asked what I was doing and I told her. Her response: "Well, can I do it?"
   What I was starting was the box for the raised panel frame we made a couple of week's back with the CMT/Sommerfeld Junior Raised Panel set.

  I explained that I wanted to demonstrate several things in this project:
   1) I wanted to resaw a thick mahogany plank so that we could have a wrap around box—more on that in a minute;
   2) I wanted to use a new jig that I developed for holding small pieces more securely when being shaped with the locking miter bit; and
   3) I wanted to make the box to the exact dimensions without measuring.
  So with that, we set to work.

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   Bethany starts by preparing to resaw the stock in half. Here she finds the center and marks it so that she can line up the bandsaw blade.

   At the bandsaw, she lowers the upper guide to just clear the stock. I had already installed a resaw blade and adjusted the fence to track to the blade.

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   She adjusts the fence so that it guides the board at the 1/2-thickness marks she had scribed.

   She starts resawing  the board. A magnetic hold-down is in place to keep the board against the fence. She feeds the board steadily but slowly. The resaw blade does a great job.

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