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  A fringe benefit in doing this site is that I have great readers. Last week, one of those great readers told me of a rare wood importer who was in my neck of the woods. After spending some time with him, I came away with a sample — a short piece of Jacarand Copiaba (easy for you to say). It has a very dense feel with a nice grain pattern. I thought I could use it — there are thousands of board feet of this and other species I can't pronounce, so it is worth a try.

    This board is as finished and ready to work as I have ever seen wood. I did spend a minute or two scraping the two faces. They seemed to have a slightly resiny feel. Once scraped, they were "baby butt smooth" — and had a much nicer smell.

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   The illustration at the left is from the Incra site and is a cornerpost treatment that I really like. What I would like to do is to use the new wood as the four sides and create a cornerpost of walnut. The picture is of a double dovetail. I may try it that way or at least single. It will be fun to see what I can get out of the combinations.

   The board I had, was 1" thick exactly. My first task is to resaw it so that I could have two pieces as close to equal as possible.

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   I think I did admirably, considering I haven't set up my bandsaw to really do this work accurately. Actually, I was lucky. In the next few weeks I plan to add a re-saw fence and a better resaw blade. I would like to see a lot of resawing done here.

   A few minutes at the thickness sander and I have removed all the bandsaw swirls. The final thickness is 3/8" — about the minimum for the cornerpost joint that I want to do.

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   Just plain gorgeous. What is intriguing to me is that the two edges are so well finished. I haven't jointed them. They join perfectly with their factory edges.
   Now here is the disappointing part. I am going to stop here and let the resawn boards acclimatize to the shop for a week or two. The raw board was about 8%, which is good, but I don't want the resawn boards to move after the box is done. So, I will be back on this project when they are ready.

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