"Woodpecker's Story Stick"

      Elena displays a new product from Woodpeckers — The Story Stick. At $35, it is one of the better bargains in my shop.  If it can reduce errors just once, it probably has paid for itself.


      I have used story sticks or poles lots of times. In fact, every time I need to make multiple and exact distances, I make a story stick.  I usually just grab a piece of MDF or other scrap and make my marks. And many of them I save — they are that important to me.

   Here is a product shot off of Woodpecker's website.  It is of their Story Stick. At the far right is an end stop and the pencil is marking the position of one of the two tabs that are set.

   Another picture from their website shows close up a tab that is set. It has a very precise slot for your marking pencil or knife

        Elena uses the story stick to be a reference tool for making copies of this base cabinet.  The stick comes with four tabs. You can order more as accessories.
   I haven't used this stick enough to know just how we will incorporate it into our practice.  Probably some measurements are used so often that our old style sticks will still be used. But, t hat said, the new Woodpecker Story Stick is a  great shop tool and two or three should be in everyone's shop.

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